Tell the County Board of Supervisors: Stand Up to Hatred, Bigotry, and White Nationalism

Recently we won a big victory when we joined with partners to stand up to White Nationalism and hatred in our county. That’s the power we have when we come together as a community.

Jim Harrison rightfully resigned from his position as SLO County Planning Commissioner, but we know the problem in our county is bigger than just him. The County Board of Supervisors has made no public statement about this matter. That’s why we are asking them to publicly demonstrate their support for a community united against hatred and bigotry in all forms.

More than 200 people have signed our petition so far — will you help make it 1,000?

We’re asking that the SLO County Board of Supervisors join our vision for a just world by adopting the CARE Principles that:

1) Condemn all forms of hatred and bigotry;
2) Affirm the inherent value of peace, respect, inclusivity, and equity;
3) Recognize that we derive strength from our diversity;
4) Endeavor to create a safe and welcoming community, where all government officials, whether County staff, elected representatives, or appointed officials decry violence, bigotry, and hatred in all forms.

We are dedicated to building a fully pluralist and democratic society where everyone is equal. White nationalism and white supremacy are major obstacles to achieving this vision.

We must make the mainstreaming of hate a political liability and bring our vision of a multiracial democracy to our communities, our counties, our states, and our country. Add your name to our petition if you are ready to build this vision with us.

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.